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Las Animas House


In today's harsh market, where home ownership offers very few options for personal taste. The option of buying an old house and recovering it, polishing its woods ... is one of the most beautiful and romantic options there is. Acquisition and retrofit costs are considerably fairer relative to acreage and land offered by the local real estate landscape.


That is what we did in Valdivia, we recovered this beautiful house from the 50's. Located in the Las Ánimas sector in Valdivia, to turn it into a modern, warm and cozy home, recovering all the old native laurel and coigüe wood.

Its owners, scientists and academics from the UACH were ultra aware of the good nature of reusing.


The house has twice the size and a large patio, otherwise the total cost remained well below compared to acquiring a new house from real estate agents.


Renew with Int Arq !

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